The 99 Best Movies

The 99 Best Movies

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Mago / Naked Paradise. 2002.

Маго / Обнажённый Рай / Mago / Naked Paradise. 2002.
 Mago (aka Naked Paradise) is a Korean film dealing with the rape of the earth through heavy-handed symbolism. It’s pure exploitation depicting hundreds of naked men and women and the slaughter and butchering of many animals.
With a truly sickening opening scene of a street full of frogs being trampled underfoot and run over by vehicles, it gains your attention but also blows its own credibity (as a serious piece of art with a positive ecological message) by way of its hypocrisy. A gruesome slaughterhouse scene had one disturbing moment as you witness a dog splattered with blood having a rope put around its neck.(the film depicts rape scenes and over 800 actors and actresses nude–no crotch though)and Lots of shots of pollution and dying animals and also, (rather disturbing) real footage of real animals being slaughtered.
Director: Hyeon-il Kang.
Cast: Yi-rim Lee, Ae Ka, Ya Dan, Nam-hyeon Song, Young-hee Choi, Lee Young-Ran, Do-yeon Kim, Lee Eun-Mi.
South Korea, 2002.
Language: Korean.
Subtitles: Russian.
Download Mago / Naked Paradise.
Mago / Naked Paradise. 2002.
Mago / Naked Paradise. 2002.

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